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Forensic Economics Consulting and Analysis

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Delphi Consulting Group has been providing the highest quality of economic analysis for attorneys and individuals since 1989.  We offer a wide variety of economic analyses to our clients and we provide these services in a timely and cost efficient manner.  In addition, should courtroom testimony be required, an experienced and qualified expert will support our conclusions in a precise and justifiable manner.  Since we do not bias our conclusions in any way, you can be assured that the information you are given is accurate and reliable, thereby avoiding the time and expense of unnecessary litigation.   Feel free to contact us via phone, fax or e-mail.  We are always willing to answer any questions you may have and we are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our work.

Summary of Services Offered and Fee Schedule
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Divorce Related Services:  
     Retirement Plan Valuations:  
          Defined Contribution Plans $45.00
          Defined Benefit Plans $60.00
          Government Plans $75.00 1
     Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (and equivalents)
          Defined Contribution Plans $250.00
          Defined Benefit Plans $300.00
          Government Plans (except military) $350.00 1
          Military Retired Pay (regulars & reservists) $400.00
     Qualified Medical Child Support Orders $400.00
     Enhancement  to Earning Capacity $400.00 2
     Maintenance/Alimony Buy Out Calculations $125.00 2
     Social Security Offset Calculations $200.00 2
Economic Loss Analysis:
     Personal Injury $500.00 2
     Wrongful Death $500.00 2
     Wrongful Termination $500.00 2
     Economic Loss of Parent(s) $600.00 2
     Economic Loss of Child(ren) $600.00 2
     Economic Damages to Business $500.00 2
Structured Settlement Analysis:
     Valuation and/or Design $100.00 2
Miscellaneous Analyses:  
     Valuation of Life Estate and Remainder Interest $75.00
     Valuation of Social Security Benefits $100.00
Expert Testimony:
     Testimony via Telephone $150.00 3
     Divorce Related Testimony $225.00 3
     Deposition Testimony $350.00 3
     Trial Testimony $450.00 3

        1    Civil Service Retirement System, Federal Employees Retirement System, U.S. Military Retired Pay, U.S. Railroad Retirement Board,
              etc., State and Local Government Sponsored Plans.

        2    Denotes estimated fee.  Most work completed for estimated fee.
        3    Minimum fee.  Non-refundable reservation deposit of $150.00 included.

Services not stated above are billed at the rate of $75.00 per hour.  Quotations for all services are available.  Initial consultation is free and inquiries are always welcome.  References are available upon request.

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